Born under the jagged rock unit known as the Fountain Formation in Boulder, CO, where spiked flatirons formed from fragments of ancient rock, Joe Roller blends modern musical passion with a foundation in classical training. Joe Roller is an immersive multidisciplinary producer who draws inspiration from the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains and musical genres including jazz, rock, musical theater, opera, classical, sacred and electronic. Geography is destiny, and Joe Roller is a musical storyteller who captures the great sacred, western spirit in house music with tracks like Arapahoe Wind and Sixish.

Decades of classical training layered with the sounds of the Denver underground compose the base of Joe Roller’s musical origins. He produces fine house music, drum and bass, and occasionally hard trance. He wants his listeners to have the best clubbing experience possible–as transcendent as the American Rockies.

Music is the mantle for Joe Roller’s entire life. Like the Great Divide of the Rocky Mountains, Joe Roller mixes a musical strata of old and new.