Joe Roller IM3 Album Art


1. IM3 3:41



IM3, released March 30th, is Joe Roller’s latest track about that special urge we all have at the end of a long day. It’s been a while since you let loose, you had lots of emails to deal with, traffic was a little bit heavier than usual, coffee sat out too long, and the news on the way home feels like a daily punishment instead of a daily ritual.

Anyways, you get home, throw on your favorite radio station, and IM3 hits. Even though it might be cloudy outside, IM3 brings back some full color. You get a sudden urge to call your friends and see the sunset no matter where you are. This might be one small room, but with IM3 on, it expands to accommodate your friends as you gather by the window and watch the gray sky start its neon dance of reds, oranges, violets…and whatever happened today fades away into now, when you finally have what matters again.

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Artist: Joe Roller
Label: Trace Records
Genre: House