"Tawa" is a musical tribute to the eponymous Hopi sun god. In the Hopi creation myth, Tawa forms the "First World" and its original inhabitants out of Tokpella, endless space. To the ancient Hopi, our current world is the lowest

Available everywhere June 9th, 2020! "Sixish" presents the listener a combination of drum and bass and jazz, definitively earning its place among the most innovative tracks in the genre. Purchase as soon as you can so you can be among the

Available everywhere April 28th, 2020 "Arapahoe Wind" is Joe Roller's second release of 2020, and follows up on the success of "Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)" with an incredible orchestral trance track. "Arapahoe Wind" masterfully transitions from a live, haunting flute solo

Available everywhere April 17th, 2020 "Lucid Sound Distribution" brings the listener on a train ride through Manhattan, where the city lights turn into imitation stars. Sign up for the Joe Roller Email List